Trans Am's in the Ads - Page 1.
Trans Ams in the Ad's
Here's a two page spread with a '77 Special Edition touting the greatness of Gabriel Shock absorbers. Ad featured in the September 1978 issue of Car Craft Magazine.
Gabriel sprung for color this time in this ad which ran in the February 1979 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Here, whether you drive a Coupe DeVille, a '77 SE trans Am, or a Pinto, you can get Gabriel Strider shocks.
In the lower right of this ad is a '77 SE posing for this Goodyear Customgard GT Radial ad which appeared in the August 1978 issue of Hot Rod.
With T-tops growing in popularity and Hurst not being able to keep up with the demand, Aftermarket companies such as the American Hatch company were there to take up the slack. This ad was featured in the February 1977 issue of Car Craft. Anyone own a T/A with these tops?