Second Generation Trans Ams in Miniature
Second Generation Trans Ams in Miniature

Welcome to the newly revised Mini TA section of the Second Generation Trans Am Source Page. Here are some of the various Diecast & plastic Trans Am replicas which have been available over the years. This group is by no means complete, as there may litterally be thousands of different "mini" Trans Ams which have been marketed over the years. The pieces listed are part of my modest collection, and are in no way better pieces than others that are out there, but instead are those which have appealed to me. Enjoy!

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Small Die Cast
This is a Racing Champions "50 Fastest Muscle Cars" 1978 Pontiac Trans Am. They were listed in order of quarter mile performance, with the T/A ranking number 48 at 15.91@88 mph. A production run of 10,000 pieces meant each one is numbered.
Text beside the tach reads "A horsepower boost and compression ratio change for the W-72 engine option added up to a 20bhp increase."
Racing Champions also produced a "black chrome" version of the 50-fastest 1978 Trans Am. These were limited to 1,000 pieces.

Here's a Johnny Lightning rendition of a 1973 Trans Am - in Gold!. A copyright date of 1999 is on the back and this series is known a a "Red Card". I'm sure JL did this in other colors, the proper ones - anyone have one to show?

Hot Wheels used to be everybody's favorite die cast. Here's part of the reason -the "Hot Bird". A copyright date of 1995 predates the latest die cast craze. "Sporty Spoiler & T-Top!" are features listed at the bottom. Note my clever use of nickels to prop up the base. Picture looked nice and square thru the LCD display. OH-well!

Last of this section's die cast mini T/As is this Racing Champions "Smokey and the Bandit" "Bandit's Trans Am". Car is detailed with some of the gold striping and the correct Gothic lettering. Don't remember the tan interior from the movie though - Picky-picky-picky!

This is my embarassingly small selection of larger die cast second generation cars. All three ERTL pieces and are seem to be based on what appears to be the same basic casting. All examples are in the 1:18 scale.
This first one is my newest aquisition and it certainly is a strange one to me. A gold 1973 Trans Am. I guess these cars would have looked ok, as I've seen base cars of this vintage in gold. Fairly well detailed, the car has Firestone Wide Oval 60's on honeycombs. The shaker lettering is in gold and it is an honest-to-goodness SD-455!. The date on the box is copyrighted 2001.
I picked up this kit before Christmas 2001 and the date on the box is 1998. This car seems to be a bit better detailed than the above 1973, but it is clear the dies were starting to get worn. Goodyear Polyglass GT F60-15 tires are mounted on Rally II's. Inside the engine turned dash is visible as are the correct low back bucket seats. This is as close as I'll likely get to owning a Lucerne Blue 1970 Trans Am.
Well here's the last large T/A diecast in my collection. It's also the first one I purchased in 1995, the dat of the copyright. I had two of these, the Bucaneer Red one and also a white one. The White one was given to a very good freind and it is part of his collection. This car, being the newest from the dies, also seem to have the best fit and sharpness to the details. For example the honeycomb wheels are have much shaper detail and the welting around the spats is well defined. Inside, the white on black interior is stunning. Like the 70, this might be the only '73 Super Duty I'm likely to call mine.
I would have liked to take these out of the packages to show them better, but the darn "collectability" of these cars won'y let me take them out like the good old days when these were called "toys".
When I put this kit together in 1977, I never dreamed that twenty-five years later, the model would still be in this kind of shape. I painted it silver because this seemed to be the feature color of the time. The decals have yellowed a good bit but the glue is still holding everything together. Way to go Testor's!. Here are a few pictures of my "antique".
Until I find some more pieces, this will be the last update for a while.

I wish to thank the people at Web Counter for their counting service provided to me at no charge.